Package of Vashti Bath Fizzies


I love bath fizzies, aka bath bombs. They add just the right amount of oils and butter to the water to keep my skin from drying out, even in the hottest water. Baking soda and citric moderate your water’s pH (my water is hard, so I care about this), making…


Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey

Please help the people suffering from the devastating effect of Harvey in whatever way works best for you. Make a donation to The Red Cross, for instance. Let’s all pull together to help our fellow Americans who are facing this devastating natural disaster. Editing to add: I’m not a Texan,…


Bar Soaps Forever!

I will admit that I did not use bar soap 10 years ago. It’s a bar. It’s messy. It seemed old fashioned. Isn’t squeezing a dollop of goo easier? Apparently, a lot of people agree with the me of a decade ago. I was reading in a trade magazine that…


Welcome Kathi!

For months, my sole employee, Cole, was Employee of the Month, every month. Eventually, though, he was ready to move back to his primary work of engineering (that’s what he has a degree in). We are, however, still in league, as he is my unofficial, but much appreciated Bee Yard…


It’s Spring! Go Make Some Lip Balm

Yeah, spring! Here’s your beekeeper PSA: don’t get rid of your dandelions! Absolutely do not spray them with poison, and don’t even mow them until they go to seed. They are an important food source for honey bees at this time of year. So be lazy and let your lawn…


Wacky Weather Spring Sale!

You know those whipped body butters you all love so much? Me too. But they are hard to ship in summer. I pack them with ice packs and mail them Priority so they’ll arrive tout suite, but still. It’s a risk. A few hours in a hot mail truck and those…


Something New Coming Up!

After the holiday rush, there’s a lull for businesses like mine. It’s a great time to take a deep breath and get creative! So that’s what we’ve been doing. Cole and I are working on some new lines to keep our fans happy. And we’re planning the spring bee yard maintenance….

Passion Planner

Resolute Resolutions

On Facebook the other day, someone posted a meme: “I should open a gym called Resolutions. It will have exercise equipment for two weeks, and then turn into a bar for the rest of the year.” I normally avoid this problem by not making resolutions. But this year is different….


A Living Wage

Businesses, especially small businesses, reflect their owners. My priorities and my values are reflected in the decisions I make every day, from the ingredients I use to the containers I buy to how I pay my employees. Or, because I’m so small, employee, singular. Getting ready for your first employee…


Chanukah O Chanukah…

This year, Chanukah starts on December 24th. The Chanukah story has a lot of elements in common with the founding of the US. And with Star Wars, for that matter. As with any “plucky little band fights big evil empire and wins” story, the little guy is very little: a ragtag band of Jewish farmers,…

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