I love bath fizzies, aka bath bombs. They add just the right amount of oils and butter to the water to keep my skin from drying out, even in the hottest water. Baking soda and citric moderate your water’s pH (my water is hard, so I care about this), making it feel really silky. And the fragrance… Luxury!

We’ve been making fizzies for a while, playing with sizes and shapes to see what works best. Some have weighed an ounce, others all the way up to 6 ounces (about the size of a baseball!).

The different sizes all have something going for them, but we’ve Package of Vashti Bath Fizziesstandardized on each one about 1.5 ounces. This lets us put four to a package, giving you four scrumptuous tubbies without breaking up a baseball and leaving crumbs everywhere. And because they stay wrapped up, they last longer, even in a bathroom’s humid conditions. After all, what’s more disappointing than breaking up one of those big, expensive fizzies, only to come back to the crumbs a week later and finding that humidity has set the whole thing off?

Recently, I invested in a fizzy press. It’s definitely easier on the hands, and it really packs down the fizzy ingredients so that they are really hard and compact. That means better fizzification. (That’s a word, right?) It also means I could get our logo bee on the stamp.

I love our bee.

Here’s a short video of our fizzies being made. Each compostable bag includes four fizzies, individually wrapped in foil. One is generally enough for a tub, but toss in two if you want extra oil and scent.

Bath fizzies coming up! How do you like our honey 🐝 stamp? #bathbombs #fizzies #handmade

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As of today, we’re making fizzies in Lavender, Italian Sunshine, Vashti, and Oatmeal & Raw Honey (which has colloidal oatmeal, raw honey from my bees, and lemongrass and lavender essential oils). All of the fizzies have mango butter, honey, organic sunflower oil, and aloe extract to make them extra wonderful.

Do you have a scent preference? Is there a scent you really, really wish I would make? Maybe green tea? Or patchouli? Let me know!

Bees communicate through dance. You get to type!

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