New for Winter: Scrub Bee

Confession: I hate winter. Every single year, I wonder what possesses me to live in a place where the air makes my face hurt. (And then spring comes and I smell the violets on the edge of the woods, and my bees are all over the willows and dandelions and I’m all, “It’s fine!”)


We had a list of projects this summer, and we accomplished most of them! This one will make winter a little less “ugh” for people like me.

We love the new Scrub Bee Bar. The only problem with it is that people think it’s soap, when in fact, it’s a moisturizing body scrub. In a bar. Confusing? I hope not! Scrub Bee Bar We started with organic cocoa butter, avocado oil, honey, beeswax, and an emulsifier (derived from the plant oil Colza). To that, we added sugar and cranberry seeds, which provide the scrub (and a bit of color!).

Use it in the shower like a regular scrub: after you wash, use the scrub bar on whatever parts need exfoliating. The butters and oils will start to mix with the water on your skin, forming a lotion. Not only is this moisturizing, but it makes the exfoliation a lot more pleasant! Then rinse the sugar and cranberry seeds away, and voila! All that’s left is the lotion on your damp skin.

We seriously love these. Some people (like me) can exfoliate daily. For others, once a week is enough. So we’re working on a version with no exfoliants (to be called Smooth Bee, of course!).

It won’t keep your face from hurting when you step outside, but it will  keep your skin happy and hydrated until those violets bloom on the edge of the woods again.

Scrub Bee comes in Unscented, Lavender, Italian Sunshine, and Vashti.

Bees communicate through dance. You get to type!

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