New for Winter

We had a list of projects this summer, and we accomplished most of them! You benefit.

One of our favorites is the new Scrub Bee Bar. The only problem with it is that people think it’s soap, when in fact, it’s a moisturizing body scrub. In a bar. Confusing? I hope not! Scrub Bee Bar We started with organic cocoa butter, avocado oil, pomegranate oil (one of my current favorites!), honey, beeswax, and an emulsifier (derived from the plant oil Colza). To that, we added sugar and cranberry seeds, which provide the scrub (and a bit of color!).

Use it in the shower like a regular sugar scrub: after you wash, use the scrub bar on whatever parts need exfoliating. The butters and oils will start to mix with the water on your skin, forming a lotion. Not only is this moisturizing, but it makes the exfoliation a lot more pleasant! Then rinse the sugar and cranberry seeds away, and voila! All that’s left is the lotion on your damp skin.

These are so much better than a traditional scrub. For one, the bar is a lot less messy. It requires minimal packaging (we put it in a cute foil bag). The emulsifier means that you don’t leave an oil slick on your skin–instead, you have lotiony goodness wherever you need it.

We seriously love these. You can get them in Unscented, Lavender, Italian Sunshine, and Vashti at, or in Ithaca at Home Green Home or GreenStar on Buffalo.

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