Welcome Kathi!

For months, my sole employee, Cole, was Employee of the Month, every month. Eventually, though, he was ready to move back to his primary work of engineering (that’s what he has a degree in). We are, however, still in league, as he is my unofficial, but much appreciated Bee Yard Manager. Or Senior Apiarist, if you prefer. We’ll make up his title later. His love of all things honey bee is growing, with about 10 hives of his own, plus helping me and some other apiaries around town.

We have the greatest people in this area. No sooner had Cole moved from the workshop to the bee yard than Kathi stepped in. Kathi–pronounced KAH-tee, was born in Poland, grew up in Austria, and… I’ll let her speak for herself:

Nearly all her Facebook pictures include a horse. Or a barn. Or both.

I was born horse crazy in Poland, and grew up in Austria. After graduating as a graphic designer from Graphische Hochschule (“die Graphische”) in Vienna, I moved to NYC. I worked for several years at Lightbulb Press in NYC as a graphic designer and Illustrator, before becoming a freelancer designing marketing materials for companies such as Avaya and Pfizer. But my biggest job is being Mom to my daughter and son. Through it all, I’ve always been a crafter and a maker: knitting, spinning and dying my own yarn, painting, hand lettering, gardening, cooking, and now, soap making. When I’m not busy with all of that, you can find me at the barn, of course.

So there you have it. Avital’s second employee is as insanely overqualified as the first. Kathi is simply amazing to work with. She’s multi-talented, intelligent, and amazingly energetic.

I must have the best boss karma ever. And that is why I am a…

Bees communicate through dance. You get to type!

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