Where to Buy Avital’s

Look at those stores on the map. Are they the best, or what?

Ithaca. Lansing. Corning. Ellicottville. Interlaken. Lots, and lots of lucky people live near a store that sells Avital’s. For the rest of you?

Shop Avital’s at… ShopAvitals.com! I now have an online store where I offer my most popular products. And shipping is $5 or less!

Or maybe you live in or close to Ithaca, but like shopping in your PJs? I know I do! Buy through ShopAvitals.com, and pick up at Sunny Days of Ithaca, 123 Cayuga Street, across from the Tompkins County Public Library. Free! Free is good! Or I’ll mail it to you. Your choice. But free is good!

Remember: if you want to see Avital’s products at your favorite store, put in a request! Most stores are happy to be responsive to customer requests. Nag them if necessary! I’m always looking to expand!


You can find Avital’s wonderful (and modest) products at:

Americana Vineyards is now carrying Avital’s lip balm. No chapped lips when sipping the fruit of the vine! Who knows, maybe a wine-inspired product line is in our future? A jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and a jar of honey… (I’m sure Omar Khayyam will allow me a bit of latitude with that, right?)

Cornell Botanic Gardens: Visit the gorgeous herb garden, botanical gardens, the arboretum, the nature preserves. I’ve walked (and cross country skied!) much of the Plantations over the years. I’m really proud that my products are now being sold in the beautiful new Nevin Welcome Center.

The Cornell Orchards: One of my family’s favorite stops! Buy (and try) apples, pears, and other wonderful products from Cornell’s orchards and dairies. We love their apples for fall pies and especially homemade applesauce. Freshly pressed cider starts in November. They’re carrying a full line of my soaps, lotions, balms, and fizzies.

The People’s Market of Lansing: The People’s Market carries my full line of sundries: lip balms, whipped butters, soaps, lotion bars, and more.

GreenStar Natural Foods Market is carrying a full line of bath and body products.

GreenStar in Collegetown: 307 College Ave. The latest GreenStar (and a much needed Collegetown grocery store!) just opened in August 2016, and they are carrying a selection of Avital’s soaps. Like to see more? Lip Balms, lotions, body butters? Ask! They’ll be happy to oblige.

Home Green Home (on The Commons in Ithaca): We all want to live a green life–HGH makes it easy. Find a curated selection of planet-friendly home necessities, lunch box staples, kitchen cookware, even clothing, bedding, and furniture! HGH carries a selection of my lotions, whipped butters, soaps, and balms.

Mama Goose, Ithaca (430 West State St.) Mama Goose carries a small section of kid-friendly products: Ithaca Body Butter, Foaming Soap, Honey & Oatmeal Bath Fizzies, and All Purpose Balm.

Nature’s Remedy in Ellicottville, NY carries a wide selection of soaps and balms.

Trinity Therapeutics in Corning, NY carries my balms and soaps and other occasional items.Lavender Body Butter

Sunny Days: at 123 S. Cayuga, just across from the Tompkins County Public Library, Sunny Days of Ithaca features locally made arts and gifts that express the spirit of the great Upstate Region! That certainly includes Avital’s items. They’ll ship, too.

Busy Bee Market 7030  County Rd 153, Interlaken, NY The best views of any store I’ve been in! Right on the lake, with a dock, bike and kayak rentals, and a great little grocery store and cafe. This seasonal store carries my soaps and balms.

Cayuga Medical Center Gift Shop: CMC delivered my baby–and now they’re carrying my products in their gift shop! If you’re visiting someone, pick up a lotion or a balm as a quick, thoughtful gift to relieve hands that get washed oh-so-often. The fresh, essential oil infused skincare is ideal for someone who needs a lift or as a special thank you for those hard-working medical personnel who do so much to keep us healthy. The gift shop is just off the main entrance, to the left.

Like Hollow Nature Center: 338 McLean Road, Cortland NY 13045
Lime Hollow has 430 acres of gorgeous trails, along with programs, education, and camps. Stop by their gift shop for a great selection of Avital’s products!