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This year is about growth for Avital’s Apiaries. I’m participating in the Passenger to Pilot program for women entrepreneurs at REV, a business incubator here in Ithaca, and another class through Lucky Break Consulting. I’ve studied a lot of things in my life… but business wasn’t one of them. Until now. It’s time!

these 5 lb molds
These 5 lb molds are from Brambleberry.com

I’ve been chatting with my fans lately, and I know that you prefer to buy your skincare from a person rather than a corporation, and that supporting small business is important. Businesses like mine support other small companies and woman-owned companies right here in New York and around the country. I buy supplies from local vendors when possible (like my organic aloe from GreenStar Co-op, and beeswax and propolis from local beekeepers, when my hives don’t make enough). Some of my soap molds are from a family-owned business called For Crafts Sake in Minnesota, others from BrambleBerry.com, an innovative, woman-owned company in Washington state.

These are the 25 lb molds and cutter I bought from For Crafts Sake in Minnesota, a family business that I love working with.
These are the 25 lb soap molds and cutter I bought from For Crafts Sake in Minnesota.

My business also allows me to give talks about honey bees and their importance to schools, clubs, and scouting groups in our local area. I love educating people about honey bees!

And as if all that isn’t enough, local charities benefit from my business when I donate gift bags to their auctions, or when I donate soap “ends” and the like to shelters.

You aren’t just someone buying stuff. You’re a link in that chain supporting jobs, supporting honey bee education, and supporting charitable giving.

I’m hoping that those of you who like what I do will recommend my products to your favorite stores. Ask for your favorite stores to carry Avital’s. Even if it’s just your must-have Green Tea & Aloe lip balm. Or Malka Dead Sea Salt Soap. I’m doing my best to contact stores in the Northeast, but let’s face it: Standing out from the crowd in an email is pretty tough. It’s likely that I’m going to hit the road with a case full of samples pretty soon, and do the hard work of selling in person.

Anything you can do to make that easier will be so appreciated! If you’ve ever done sales, you know that it take a certain amount of.. let’s say fortitude (or, heck, chutzpah) to convince people that what you do is worth putting on their shelves.

Drop me a line after you recommend my products (lesli@avitalsapiaries.com), and I’ll send you a code for a sweet 10% discount at ShopAvitals.com–and you can even use that locally in Ithaca!





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