All About… Cold Snap

Cold Snap was one of the first soaps I ever made. I was inspired by–what else? Winter here in Upstate. Just when you think it’s over… Wham! Flurries on March 27. Yes indeed. It’s a bright, sunny day today. With flurries coming down.

You can’t see them, but take my word for it. There are flurries.

Even if winter isn’t your favorite season, don’t you love the crisp air? It’s so clean and bracing. I custom blended essential oils to give you that same feeling: basil, mints, and lime, with a hint of floral underneath, this is a scent that will clear out the cob webs in the morning and get you ready for your day.

Cold Snap soap. Going out to you, Buffalo! 70 inches of snow!

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Cold Snap is one of my top sellers, so I must have gotten it right.

Head over to and try a bar!

Ingredients: Water, rice bran oil, coconut oil, palm oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, honey, essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, basil, lime, and lavender, ultramarine blue.


  1. Beautiful soap…and I can relate…I’m originally from Rochester!

  2. Penny says

    Love the name! It sure can be a brutal way to wake up when it’s so cold that it leaves you breathless!
    I love the noise that a cold snap makes – when the snow gets that crunch top and it’s nosy to walk across. The popping noises that the house makes in the sub-zero temps – well, those I don’t like quite so much!

    • Lesli says

      This whole winter was pretty brutal! But I think it’s over… at least I hope so!

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