All About… Malka: Dead Sea Salt & Rose Clay Soap

Rose clay and Dead Sea Salt gently smooth your skin, while a heady geranium and bergamot scent energizes you
Rose Clay & Dead Sea Salt gently smooth your skin. Geranium & Bergamot essential oils are both uplifting and calming.

The Dead Sea, also called the Salt Sea, may be one of the world’s first spas. For millennia, royalty from Egypt, Israel, Greece, and Rome enjoyed and extolled the healing virtues of this unique natural spa.

A soak in the Dead Sea is said to help rheumatic conditions and osteoarthritis, common skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis, and the mineral-rich salts might even have anti-aging properties.

Whether those claims are true or just good press, we do know for a fact that the Dead Sea is far saltier than the oceans, and rich in minerals: potassium, magnesium, bromide, and calcium, and studies are being done now to confirm the historical uses of the waters, salts, and clay in the area. Taken all together, I think Dead Sea products are a great addition to any soap!

Malka in Hebrew means “queen.” I wanted to make a soap fit for the royalty who have visited the Dead Sea over the millennia. I start with a base of pure coconut oil and honey, both excellent for softening, and add a combination of natural sea salt and Dead Sea salt. Why not just Dead Sea Salt? The mineral content would make the bar fall apart!

I add pure geranium and bergamot essential oils to scent the soap. Bergamot boosts the citrus elements in geranium, and so adds a bright note to the floral and spice notes. The combination is exhilarating, and balanced.

Rose Clay lends a light pink hue to the bars, but also serves as a gentle scrub to polish your skin. The clay even helps anchor the essential oils so that the scent doesn’t fade.

Finally, I top the bars off with a sprinkle of Pink Himalayan Salt. I admit that I do this mostly for looks. It’s just plain pretty. But Pink Himalayan Salt also brings 10 or so minerals to the bar.

All together, the combination creates a very hard, long-lasting bar that gives a low, creamy lather. My customers tell me they just love the way their skin feels after using it.

Made from: Coconut oil, water, sea salt, Dead Sea Salt, sodium hydroxide, essential oils, Rose Clay, honey, & Pink Himalayan Salt



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