August Was A Busy Month!

If you’re local to Ithaca, you know that the Ithaca Commons has recently undergone a lengthy renovation. The Commons now looks great, with upgraded services and all sorts of improvements.

We’ve had a fun festival to celebrate the Commons revival, complete with free music, bouncy house, air hockey, and more.

Next time you’re on the Commons, make sure to stop into Home Green Home. Yesterday, I dropped off a huge box of lotions, balms, and scrubs, including my wildly popular facial scrub, “Palermo Nights.” Activated charcoal, kaolin clay, and sugar make your skin feel so soft!

August was also a good time to pull honey from my hives and extract. Some years, I miss the window, and get all (or mostly) fall honey. This year, I have quite a bit of light colored, early summer honey along with the start of goldenrod and Japanese knotweed. It’s all bottled up and ready for friends and family to enjoy.

Just in time, too, because tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which we celebrate by, among other things, dipping apples in honey. There are all sorts of fun traditions around the New Year: apples and honey signify a sweet new year, while round loaves of challah symbolize (depending on who you ask) a crown or a head (because “rosh” means “head”–the New Year is literally the “head” of the year) or even the eternity of a circle.

Pomegranates are also a popular symbol of the new year, with their many, many edible seeds being a reminder to do as many good deeds as there are seeds in the fruit.

For several years now, I’ve been making Rosh Hashanah gifts for the Roitman Chabad Center at Cornell University. This year, I made a special Pomegranate & Honey Cream for their donors, along with Egyptian Rose Sugar Scrub, and (wow!) 50+ lbs of Chaya’s Hope Soaps. Those are some lucky donors!

Over 50 lb of Chaya's Hope soap!
Over 50 lb of Chaya’s Hope soap!
Pomegranate & Honey Body Cream
Pomegranate & Honey Body Cream

I formulated the Pomegranate & Honey Body Creme just for this holiday gift! The cream uses shea butter and pomegranate oil, along with organic rose hydrosol and honey to make a real luxury body cream. In fact, I like the results so much, I may well add it to my line up.

“Chaya’s Hope” was introduced in spring, and has been a great seller. People love the calendula petals and shea butter, and the bright, citrusy scent with herbaceous notes is so cheerful!

Phew! I think that catches me up on the news.

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