Back to Work

Vacations are great. But being back is pretty great, too!

We were in California for a couple of weeks: visiting friends and family, sleeping through an earthquake, visiting favorite places like the Tilden Park Steam Trains. We ride the trains every time we visit. The trees smelled so good! The cedar aroma was fabulous, and the landscape was gorgeous. and going through the tunnel was a blast.

We love the Steamies!
We love the Steamies!

We’ve been going there since Avital was a Thomas-loving toddler. She doesn’t play with her Thomas the Tank Engine set as much these days–she’s all about rainbows and fairies and unicorns (oh, sorry, alicorns!), but the trains are still a lot of fun. I’m sad to think that the day will come when we’ll go to San Francisco, and she’ll say she doesn’t want to go to the Steamies anymore… But that was not this day.

She still loves the carousels, too, and this time, she really was big enough to go on her own. No more holding onto my baby as she rides!

She's a bright pink blur
She’s a bright pink blur

We visited the Exploratorium in San Francisco, the San Diego Zoo, the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park, and more. We ate lots of Japanese food and Ethiopian food, and everywhere we went, we petted doggies, because Avital likes doggies. This one I thought was especially cute.

So cute! (Both of them!)
So cute! (Both of them!)

Now we’re back. She’s off to school, David is off to work, and I’m back in my workshop, making new and lovely things for fall and the holiday season.

First on the list is Bath Fizzies. Two to start with: Honey & Oatmeal fizzies have (of course!) real, raw honey from my hives, colloidal oatmeal, Brazilian clay, mango butter, grapeseed oil, lemongrass essential oil, along with citric acid and baking soda. Wow. So much good stuff packed into a little sphere.

Honey & Oatmeal Bath Fizzies
Honey & Oatmeal Bath Fizzies resting on bubble wrap. Yes, bubble wrap, because they’re delicate and need airflow.

One of my more nerdy friends on Facebook took one look, and said, “Death Stars!” They do look like Death Stars! But what do Death Stars smell like? I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want my bath to smell like one.

In any case, unlike a Death Star, these little beauties will leave you soft and fragrant. I know, because I used one last night in the bath. They make the tub a little magical (not alicorn magical, ahem, but as close as we adults are likely to get). First off, it’s just plain fun to watch them fizz. They float and zing and roll around a bit, giving off the most heavenly scent. I’ll have to film it sometime… They make the water feel different–silky and soft. The mango butter and grapeseed oil are light. When you get out of the tub (after an hour or so, I hope), your skin is hydrated and soft. No need for after-bath moisturizer!

Tomorrow I’ll make the second fizzy recipe. I’m thinking straight up lavender, because so many people like lavender. So tempting to get creative, though. We’ll see!



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