Bee Inspired… To Take Care of Yourself

In the workshop

I snapped a selfie a few days ago while I was working. The light was a combination of ultra-bright fluorescents and natural sunlight. For someone with my fair (read pasty!) skin and no makeup, this can be a not-great look. But…

The snap turned out fine. I rarely post selfies, and this one garnered compliments, including on my wrapped up hair and how good my skin looks.

Can I be candid? I’ll be 51 this month. I have not lead an abstemious  life. And yet… my skin does look pretty darned good.

I credit three things: Genes; you can’t change that. The foundation is what it is.

Staying out of the sun. Because my skin is so pale, I couldn’t tan, even though it was definitely in fashion when I was growing up. I was the dorky kid wearing a t-shirt in the pool. I learned to be careful in the sun, or deal with a painful burn.

The third thing? Clean your skin, and use a moisturizer.  Big secret, huh? I do notice a difference, especially if I skip moisturizing for a couple of weeks. These days, I make a milk cleanser for myself (an oil-based emulsion) or use one of my soaps to clean my skin (Malka is my favorite), plus an alcohol-free toner, then moisture before bed. Sunscreen during the day. That’s it. Nothing complicated. Takes about 3 minutes.

The best thing about making my own skincare is learning that I can be low-maintenance, while taking care of myself, too. After all, brushing your teeth isn’t vanity. Why should taking care of you skin be?




  1. Mindy Dahl says

    You have evolved just as I knew you would. Thank you for your contribution to the bee world. Peace and happiness

  2. Thanks, Mindy! I love my work–and I love the new look for my web site and newsletter!

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