Biscotti Bar Soap: Limited (Very!) Edition

Biscotti Bar Soap with beige and reddish brown streaks

When Kathi and I were working on a holiday scent, it took batch after batch to find the right colors, the right scent, and the right look for the bars and the bath fizzies. We really came to love this one: natural almond and vanilla combine to make an almost cookie scent that is sweet, rich, and says “holidays”!

We made a single batch of the soaps, and we’re continuing to make the fizzies that go with it.

But not for long. Because, you know, being in business is a series of problem solving exercises. The all natural almond scent that we’re using is no longer available. except at almost triple the price and in 25 lb quantities.

Yeah. No. We love the scent, but… I don’t even buy Lavender in those quantities! And Lavender is everything!

There is a small chance I’ll find a similar natural almond scent that is reasonably priced. But it’s not looking good.

So if you like our Biscotti scent, get it now. Because once our almond supply is gone, it’s gone!

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