By The Sea Sold Out!

My first batch of lovely blue-and-almost-white By The Sea brine soap sold out even before I could advertise it. That’s what happens when you have devoted fans! Not to worry. More is on the way!By The Sea

This is a majority-olive oil soap, which makes it mild for the dry winter months. It’s also a brine soap. There is something about that extra salt, whether in a salt soap (where the salt is added to the “soap batter” and visible in the finished product) or dissolved that is just wonderful for skin. I love salt and brine soaps as facial bars, because my skin feels so smooth and soft.

By The Sea is scented with exotic labdanum resin, citrus, and frankincense.

Through December 1, 2014, go to and use the coupon code EARLYBEEBLOG to get 15% off your order. Shipping is flat rate–only $5– so there’s no unpleasant surprise when you check out.


  1. Anne-Marie says

    How exciting =) Congrats on making such a great bar of soap your fans grabbed them all up =)

  2. Lesli says

    Thanks! About 12 dozen went out as a special order to a non-profit’s donors, and some of those recipients reordered before the first batch was even made. Amazing!

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