BeeFocus: Propolis

I love showcasing the wonderful things that bees make, and how good they are for us! I’ve been infusing propolis in oil for a new balm, and realized that many people might not be aware of what propolis is, let alone why it’s good for their skin. So onward! Honey…


Moving Day for Bees

My young friend Aaron decided to try his luck at catching swarms this summer. He found some 19th century swarm box plans, and followed them, building two cubes with a hole drilled for an entrance. These he put in two trees on a friend’s rural property, along with a couple…


Splits, Lip Balm, Piping Bags, Soap

Spring is a busy time. I made splits to make up for some of the winter losses, using queens I bought from BeeWeaver in Texas. Last year, I tried “walk away” splits–splitting a hive in two, and making sure both sides had eggs, so that wherever the queen ended up,…



I’ve made all my spring visits, and I have good news, and bad news. My backyard hive (I always keep one or two in the backyard) survived winter, and is doing fine. Three out of five colonies survived in my Lansing apiary, and the bad news: only four of nine…


Beekeeping Club and Geneva Conference

Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper? If you’re in the Ithaca, NY area, consider joining the Finger Lakes Beekeepers Club. We have a few hundred years of combined experience, to help you start off on the right foot. We also have a Bee Wellness Class coming up on February…


Chanukah Fair and Dryden Secret Santa Coming Up!

Two fairs are coming up: Temple Beth-El’s annual book sale and craft fair, and the Dryden School’s Secret Santa. This will be my third year at Temple Beth-El’s Chanukah Festival, and it is a blast! Even if you’re not Jewish, there’s plenty to enjoy: potato latkes and apple fritters, live…


Pumpkin Fest and… GreenStar!

The hives smell like ripening goldenrod honey, and I’m working double time to make enough soaps and balms for festivals! It must be fall. But that’s good news, right? Tomorrow is the Cortland Great Pumpkin Fest. Avital’s will be there, along with the People’s Market of Lansing. It will be…


Moved An Apiary; Taught A Class

I moved my Wixom Farm apiary to a new location, about 10 miles closer to my home. Moving 10 mid-summer hives is not a trivial matter, but was made much easier by my friend and fellow beekeeper, Max. The plan was this: arrive at the apiary about 7 pm, remove…


Avital Checks A Hive; About Bee Stings

Last week, Avital turned 4. She has been asking for a bee suit, so I finally bought her one. Yes, they make them for children! It’s still a bit big on her, but she’ll grow into it. I keep a nuc and a full size hive in the backyard. Yesterday,…


Lansing Apiary Check

The Lansing apiary is doing fine–and one hive in particular is doing really well! In fact, I’m going to pull three supers off of it this weekend and extract. Bet you can tell which one.