Cole Tucker, Beekeeper, Soapmaker

Introducing Cole, Avital’s First Employee!

Even though we haven’t been working together long, I can say that Cole is a great employee, and I’m lucky to have him. He’s a natural with bees and a quick learner in the workshop. I’m so glad he wrote to me! Now,  from Cole himself: Howdy! I’m Cole; Ithaca…


Wait, Which one…?

There is a whole lot of skin-loving goodness going on at Avital’s. Starting with my flagship Lotion Bar that goes back to the beginning my business, I’ve been making things that are so good for your skin from the marvelous things my bees make for over 6 years. Wow! But…


A Little Biz Post

This year is about growth for Avital’s Apiaries. I’m participating in the Passenger to Pilot program for women entrepreneurs at REV, a business incubator here in Ithaca, and another class through Lucky Break Consulting. I’ve studied a lot of things in my life… but business wasn’t one of them. Until now. It’s…


Soap Molds, Reposted

This is an old post–from April 2013, but still relevant! I still use 2 different sized soap molds (and sometimes more!), but even though the bars are shaped differently, they are well over 4 oz, making them a really generous size for your shower.  I was reminded of this a few…


Checking the Bees

Bees are so at the heart of what I do. They inspire me: they stick together as a family, they work hard, they cooperate, they keep their house clean (really!), they store up the sweetness of summer for winter’s dearth. And they are fiercely protective of their homes, when necessary….


DIY Lotion Making 101: July 24, 2016

July 24, 2016 2-5 pm at Fallen Tree, 128 Muriel Street, Ithaca, NY Questions? Email A great hand & body lotion keeps your skin smooth, hydrated, & healthy. Add a bit of essential oil suited to your skin type and you’ve made something unique and personalized, just for you! Avital’s Apiaries…


Blue Bombs. Bomber Blue…

This weekend is the Ithaca College graduation. Although I didn’t study there, I did work there (in IT) for almost a decade. So a little homage to the Ithaca College Bombers seems in order. Congratulations, Ithaca grads! These Blue & Gold (Bath) Bombers will be at Sunny Days in about……


Shimmer Bombs!

Limited Edition Shimmer Bombs are available at Sunny Days of Ithaca and on the site! There aren’t many, and while I’ll no doubt make shimmer bombs again, they’ll never be scented with my much-loved Italian Sunshine essential oil blend. Ever. Again. There will soon be a blog post about…


Just in time for Mother’s Day… or Any Day!

I generally don’t make holiday-themed items. They aren’t my style–no Santa soaps, or leprechauns or red heart soaps or whatever. But I’m going to make an exception (sort of) this year. I’m making these great bath bombs, fit for a queen (or king). Check it out. Gorgeous, no? I take…


Shabbat Shalom and Happy Passover

Tonight is both Shabbat and the first night of Passover. Going from slavery to freedom is a great thing to celebrate.