Just in time for Mother’s Day… or Any Day!

I generally don’t make holiday-themed items. They aren’t my style–no Santa soaps, or leprechauns or red heart soaps or whatever. But I’m going to make an exception (sort of) this year. I’m making these great bath bombs, fit for a queen (or king). Check it out. Gorgeous, no? I take…


Shabbat Shalom and Happy Passover

Tonight is both Shabbat and the first night of Passover. Going from slavery to freedom is a great thing to celebrate. 


Salty, Sugary, Scrubbity Goodness

Having your own business means following your dreams. And your current obsessions. My past obsessions have included soap making, anything with beeswax, the scent of labdanum, and lotion making. Among others. Right now, it’s all about the scrub. Maybe it winter’s end, and a wish to slough off that dead…


Get My Newsletter!

I’m launching a newsletter for Avital’s fans. As I expand my skincare line, freshen up my labels, and find new stores to carry my creations, I want you to be in the know. I’ll also be doing more pictures and filming of how things work behind-the-scenes. So many of you…


Face to Face

Back in the day, I used to sell at fairs a few times a year. It was a lot of work–wrapping, boxing, hauling, making signs, and all the rest–and there were times when the return was disappointing. One festival, for instance, that was normally really well attended was all but…


Bee Inspired… To Take Care of Yourself

I snapped a selfie a few days ago while I was working. The light was a combination of ultra-bright fluorescents and natural sunlight. For someone with my fair (read pasty!) skin and no makeup, this can be a not-great look. But… The snap turned out fine. I rarely post selfies, and…


March BOGO: Buy One GIVE One

Spring is coming to Ithaca–a bit early. After a weirdly warm winter. (How’s that for alliteration?) I’d like to celebrate by doing something nice: during the month of March, for every bar of soap you buy through or from Sunny Days in Ithaca, I’ll donate a bar of soap to…


Lotion Bar Or Body Butter?

Recently, a customer came into Sunny Days. She was a regular user of my Lotion Bar, but wondered if she should try the Ithaca Body Butter instead. Deirdre at Sunny Days did what any good store owner would do: she called me! The main difference between the two products is…


Local to Ithaca, NY?

Several stores around the Ithaca, NY and Upstate area carry Avital’s products. But sometimes, you want to shop from the comfort of home. In your jammies. But it seems silly to pay shipping to your Ithaca or near-Ithaca address when Avital’s is sold only a few miles away. Answer! Free local…


Bubble Bombs!

Bath fizzies–aka bath bombs–are a winter must-have for me. As nice as a hot soak can be during winter’s bone chilling months, the hot water dries my skin out something fierce, leaving me a rough, itchy mess. Or necessitating an all over shmear after I get out.  Not that there’s anything…