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New year, new projects. I’ve been updating my social media, including new “buyable Pins” through Pinterest. Head on over now with an iOS device, and tell me how it looks! This is very new, for me and for Pinterest, so I’m assuming there will be a tweak or two down the…


Happy 2016!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. —Aristotle So true. And the excellence of my frequent blogging habit obviously fell by the wayside this year.  So let’s talk goals for the coming year, the habits I want to create or maintain in…


Fall in Upstate

Fall is busy here in Upstate. With school starting, there are hectic, complicated schedules to figure out (anyone else’s kid a bit over scheduled, in spite of best intentions?), honey needs spinning, and lots and lots of Avital’s soaps and lotions need to be made! This week, I did a…


August Was A Busy Month!

If you’re local to Ithaca, you know that the Ithaca Commons has recently undergone a lengthy renovation. The Commons now looks great, with upgraded services and all sorts of improvements. We’ve had a fun festival to celebrate the Commons revival, complete with free music, bouncy house, air hockey, and more….


Now that’s an interesting swirl!


New Hand & Body Cream… And A Contest!

You know what’s fun? New recipes. Creating them, testing them, and then bringing them to the shelves of local stores. So this is the start of a series about just that: this summer’s new products. You know I make butters and balms, right? They can seal in moisture already in…



There are two things everyone knows about honey bees: 1. They make honey and 2. They sting. But there is so much more to honey bees than that! That’s why I blog about them, post about them on Facebook, and  teach classes about bees at schools and other venues. Back when I was…


Beekeeping conference today!


Today’s Subzero Discount Is…

0°F. Yep, right on 0 at 6 AM. Then it dipped to -2°F around 8 AM. So let’s say today will be free shipping in the US Day! Shipping is usually flat rate $5, so it’s a discount! We’ll celebrate the wonky weather. Go to, buy anything you like,…


Sniff, Sniff. The weather warmed up.

Sorry, guys. No discount today. It was a balmy 10F or so at 6 AM. Better luck tomorrow (and grab those discounts when you can!)