Subzero Temps, So… Discount!

When I woke up this morning, it was -17 here in Ithaca. As I slathered on Ithaca Body Butter after my morning workout, I realized that while everyone has to face the subzero temps this week, some people aren’t lucky enough to have Ithaca Body Butter and other lovely goodies….


What’s New?

I stopped into Mama Goose the other day. I see you guys have bought all the Oatmeal & Raw Honey bath fizzies again. Do let me, or Mama Goose, know if there’s another type you’d like to try for yourself or your Littles. Chamomile? Unscented? Just for fun, I’ve decided to…


Knitting, Etc. Has Closed

Knitting, Etc. in the Triphammer Marketplace closed this month. This is a loss for me personally, but also for Ithaca. Hickory Lee’s store was the place to go if you wanted to learn to knit, or needed expertise to get you through a project. Hickory carried the nicest yarns–gorgeous wools,…


Renovation and Expansion

This has been quite a week. On Wednesday, workmen arrived to start expanding my workshop. About 10 months ago, I remodeled the old kitchen into a much better soap making workshop: I replaced the old cabinets with stainless tables, pulled up the linoleum in the old kitchen, and bought a…


Avital’s (and Lesli) in The News

Mary Ford of the Ithaca College newspaper, The Ithacan, came to interview me last week. Yes, me! Apparently, I’ve led a more interesting life than I thought. I spent about a decade in Russian studies, moved on to a career in computers, then abandoned it all for motherhood and eventually,…


Yesterday’s Psychedelic Soap Cut

Look for this soap in about a month at Sunny Days 


Ithaca is so…

I make a special line of soaps for Sunny Days of Ithaca. Since the store specializes in local and New York State products, I wanted to make some soaps that really reflect what a kooky diverse place we live in. Town, gown, hippies and conservatives, people from every corner of…


Kids! I Need Your Input!

Avital has always helped me in the bee yard. When she was a toddler, I let her stand next to hives, and when she turned 5, I bought her a bee suit. The suit is still a bit big, and some of the tasks are over-sized for her, too. But…


Great Timing!

Remember way back when I said I’d (w00t!) won a contest? Bramble Berry was holding a contest to launch their new subscription service, Handmade Beauty Box. Each month, subscribers get a surprise in the mail: a kit to make their own soap, balm, lotion, nail polish, mineral makeup… I entered with the…


Contest Winner!

Lots of great names came in to FB and my web site for this new, bright, fresh soap that I made to celebrate spring. And the name is… Chaya’s Hope! It’s a great name: Chaya means “life” in Hebrew (in addition to being a popular girls’ name), and that’s where…