Baking Bread

On a whim, I bought a bread machine. Here’s the deal: on my way into Mama Goose, I pass through Mimi’s Attic.  And I always check things out in Mimi’s Attic, because I might find something useful for soap making (like a spare food processor, or a salad shooter, both…


Good Morning!

Blueberries, kale, chia seeds, ginger, water. I figure whatever the rest of the day throws at me (and we’re having a snow day, so that could be a lot!), my nutrition won’t suffer. 


Honey Challah

Just about every Friday, I make two loaves of challah. I started with other people’s recipes, but adapted them over time to find one that works for me. It uses honey, of course! Honey is marvelous in baked goods, not only for its sweetening power (honey is sweeter than sugar,…