Splits, Lip Balm, Piping Bags, Soap

Spring is a busy time. I made splits to make up for some of the winter losses, using queens I bought from BeeWeaver in Texas. Last year, I tried “walk away” splits–splitting a hive in two, and making sure both sides had eggs, so that wherever the queen ended up,…


April 2 at Southern Tier Beekeepers

I’ll be presenting at the Southern Tier Beekeepers in Chenango on April 2. My topic will be prepping beeswax, and all the marvelous products it’s used in. I’ll do a quick run down on how to clean wax, and then talk about the hows and whys of using it in…


GreenStar, Honey, Old Age, and Holidays

File this post under “miscellany”! Avital’s debut at GreenStar has been a rocking success. Thank you, Ithaca, and thank you, GreenStar. I spent about 3 hours on October 13th showing GreenStar shoppers what a few beehives and some ingenuity can do for their skin. GreenStar shoppers really appreciate the minimal…