Just in time for Mother’s Day… or Any Day!

I generally don’t make holiday-themed items. They aren’t my style–no Santa soaps, or leprechauns or red heart soaps or whatever. But I’m going to make an exception (sort of) this year. I’m making these great bath bombs, fit for a queen (or king). Check it out. Gorgeous, no? I take…


Bee Inspired… To Take Care of Yourself

I snapped a selfie a few days ago while I was working. The light was a combination of ultra-bright fluorescents and natural sunlight. For someone with my fair (read pasty!) skin and no makeup, this can be a not-great look. But… The snap turned out fine. I rarely post selfies, and…


Lotion Bar Or Body Butter?

Recently, a customer came into Sunny Days. She was a regular user of my Lotion Bar, but wondered if she should try the Ithaca Body Butter instead. Deirdre at Sunny Days did what any good store owner would do: she called me! The main difference between the two products is…


New Hand & Body Cream… And A Contest!

You know what’s fun? New recipes. Creating them, testing them, and then bringing them to the shelves of local stores. So this is the start of a series about just that: this summer’s new products. You know I make butters and balms, right? They can seal in moisture already in…


Spring in Ithaca Means… Book Sale! Festival! Rain!

After that long, deep freeze of a winter, spring has reliably sprung. I’ve spent a lot of time in the beeyard, first cleaning things up, then splitting hives and installing some new packages of bees. And, of course, admiring the flowers that are coming up. Oh, flowers. How I’ve missed…


All About… Haiku

“Haiku” was inspired by a friend who has lived in Japan for decades. He told me how popular activated charcoal soaps were in Japan–so I just had to try it! Haiku makes a great facial soap: along with activated charcoal and raw honey, I chose rice bran oil–rich in vitamins,…


All About… Cold Snap

Cold Snap was one of the first soaps I ever made. I was inspired by–what else? Winter here in Upstate. Just when you think it’s over… Wham! Flurries on March 27. Yes indeed. It’s a bright, sunny day today. With flurries coming down. Even if winter isn’t your favorite season,…


What’s New?

I stopped into Mama Goose the other day. I see you guys have bought all the Oatmeal & Raw Honey bath fizzies again. Do let me, or Mama Goose, know if there’s another type you’d like to try for yourself or your Littles. Chamomile? Unscented? Just for fun, I’ve decided to…


Renovation and Expansion

This has been quite a week. On Wednesday, workmen arrived to start expanding my workshop. About 10 months ago, I remodeled the old kitchen into a much better soap making workshop: I replaced the old cabinets with stainless tables, pulled up the linoleum in the old kitchen, and bought a…


Yesterday’s Psychedelic Soap Cut

Look for this soap in about a month at Sunny Days