Yesterday’s Psychedelic Soap Cut

Look for this soap in about a month at Sunny Days 


Ithaca is so…

I make a special line of soaps for Sunny Days of Ithaca. Since the store specializes in local and New York State products, I wanted to make some soaps that really reflect what a kooky diverse place we live in. Town, gown, hippies and conservatives, people from every corner of…


Kids! I Need Your Input!

Avital has always helped me in the bee yard. When she was a toddler, I let her stand next to hives, and when she turned 5, I bought her a bee suit. The suit is still a bit big, and some of the tasks are over-sized for her, too. But…


Great Timing!

Remember way back when I said I’d (w00t!) won a contest? Bramble Berry was holding a contest to launch their new subscription service, Handmade Beauty Box. Each month, subscribers get a surprise in the mail: a kit to make their own soap, balm, lotion, nail polish, mineral makeup… I entered with the…


Contest! I’ll trade my soap for your inspiration

Usually, I’m inspired to make a scent (soap, balms, fizzy, whatever) by something or someone special in my life–which is why some soaps and balms are named after people. Marathoner’s Relief was inspired by a friend who runs 100 miles a week, and wanted a tea tree oil soap. Walid’s…


By The Sea Sold Out!

My first batch of lovely blue-and-almost-white By The Sea brine soap sold out even before I could advertise it. That’s what happens when you have devoted fans! Not to worry. More is on the way! This is a majority-olive oil soap, which makes it mild for the dry winter months. It’s…


Lavender Goat Milk Soap


Nine Bar Test Batch of A New Soap

Remember when I said I would make Mediterranean Vacation a permanent part of my line up? Well, here’s the test batch. You may remember a few months ago, Roitman Chabad at Cornell University asked me to make soaps as a gift to their donors for Rosh Hashanah. This is the…


Mediterranean Vacation & Other Creations

You thought I was going on vacation, didn’t you? Nope. I have an order for a special soap that a local organization wants to give its generous donors as a thank-you gift. We did this last year, too, when they sent out several dozen bars of Malka. It was a…


Shaving Soap & A Wee Discourse on Ingredients

It turns out shaving is a thing! I didn’t know! My husband has a beard, and is generally unaware of “things.” His exposure to pop culture is mostly lurid headlines in the checkout at the grocery store. But people have been talking about shaving soaps, and not just for girly…