Kids! I Need Your Input!

Avital has always helped me in the bee yard. When she was a toddler, I let her stand next to hives, and when she turned 5, I bought her a bee suit. The suit is still a bit big, and some of the tasks are over-sized for her, too. But…


Who’s Your Mama?

If you live in Ithaca and you have young kids, you’ve shopped at Mama Goose. Or you should have. Because they have a great selection of shoes and clothes, some gently used, along with baby stuff, from carriers to swings to cribs to cloth diapers to those bouncy chair things….


Gratitude for The Season

Knitting, Etc. in the Triphammer Marketplace in Ithaca was the first retail store to carry my balms. It was amazing to have my things in an actual store where people bought them, and liked them, and came back for more (that coming back for more part was really key…). People even sought…


By The Sea Sold Out!

My first batch of lovely blue-and-almost-white By The Sea brine soap sold out even before I could advertise it. That’s what happens when you have devoted fans! Not to worry. More is on the way! This is a majority-olive oil soap, which makes it mild for the dry winter months. It’s…