Cornell Orchards And More

Hey Avital’s Fans! You have been buying out the soaps, balms, and lotions at Cornell Orchards! The Orchards has been one of my family’s favorite stops for fresh apples, pears, and other locally grown goodness. We always buy enough to make quarts and quarts of fresh, homemade applesauce. I hope you can stop by and check out our display, and pick a peck of pears… or apples, freshly pressed cider (coming in November), and other locally made goodies.

Watch how Cornell makes cider, from tree to bottle. A fascinating process that requires both a lot of manual labor and some gorgeous stainless steel machinery for the thousands of gallons produced.

I’m really proud to sell my handmade products in a store that makes such wonderful products of their own!

In other, personal news, I just my rotator cuff fixed, so I’m one-handed for the next month or so as the shoulder heals. I’m very glad to have Cole Tucker helping me in the workshop–this has always been my busiest time of year, and the worst time of year to be injured. But such is life! I have full confidence in Cole’s ability to stay on top of production and pack orders–and you may well see my husband David around town, making deliveries.

Normally, I’m also my family’s cook (with a bit of help from Avital). These days, I’m also getting some help from Rose’s Home Dish. Rose Arena cooks the most wonderful food–and delivers it right to your door. She has no idea I’m plugging her business here–but I love what she does so much that I want people to know about it. She’s delivering roast chicken and veg to us tonight. Yum! Thanks, Rose! You have no idea how much you’re helping my family.

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