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Are you local(ish) to Ithaca, and interested in having a beekeeper give a talk? Would you like a donation of Avital’s products for a raffle, auction, or other not-for-profit event? Contact me! I’d love to help!

My business started because I was a beekeeper–a hobbyist, for sure–but one with around half a dozen hives. I was a serious hobbyist! And while Avital’s skincare has evolved into something much different from the usual business begun by beekeepers (with the possible exception of a certain bearded guy…), honey bees are still at the heart of what I do. Their work inspires me. Their products–honey, beeswax, and propolis–end up in much of what I  make. And they keep me conscious of how we are interconnected and interdependent.

Part of my business plan from the very beginning has been education: teaching people–and kids especially–about honey bees. That means that several times a year, I end up at schools or summer camps, teaching kids about honey bees. I was at Cayuga Heights Elementary School for their Go Green Fair at the end of May, and today I’m headed to Elizabeth Ann Clune Montessori School to do a presentation on bees. This time, the visit will be complete with an observation hive!

New observation hive.#honeybees

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New observation hive, another view. The bottom holds 5 frames, so it can function as a nuc. #honeybees

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