Being the CEO of Avital’s Apiaries (that’s Chief Everything Officer) means that if I’m not working, nothing is happening (well, the bees are working, though probably not doing much in this weather). And for now, that is the case, though not by choice.

Look closely–those are Mongol hordes in full battle. Just like I’m battling back from this hip replacement thingie. The bag is awesome! And was handmade by a friend so that I could carry things around as I move with my walker. Which is not not awesome, but also won’t be needed for too long.

A week and a half ago, I had my hip replaced. I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Wait, aren’t you a bit young for that?” Yes, I am. But hip replacements aren’t just for your grandmother anymore! Haven’t you heard of hipsters? (Insert laugh track.)

They’re also for people who had exciting, adventure-filled youths that included high-speed falls off of horses that led to arthritis that led to pain that led to trying diets-supplements-anti-inflammatory-everything-medications that led to walking with a cane that led to, “Oh, let’s just do the surgery already!” So I did.

And now I’m recovering. The big part of the recovery will be another month or so, but the surgeon tells me that in four months, it will be like it never happened. Except for that scar those 17 staples are gonna leave. And the hassles at the airport because of the giant piece of metal in my leg.

You never how these things are going to progress, so I guess I might be back in the workshop next week, or in two weeks, or in three. So I’m partly warning you, lovers of my soaps and balms, that shelves might be a bit empty for a while. I made ahead, and I can have my husband drop things off, but realistically, things are just not going to be normal for a few weeks.

For now, I’m feeling pretty much like this:

Shameless Selfie
Shameless Selfie

I’m doing PT, catching up on things like blogging and research, and using this enforced downtime to think up some cool new recipes. Like a mango butter facial moisturizer.

And I think I’ll make myself a nice little sugar scrub. I can’t get to my workshop right now, but I’ll bet I have enough ingredients in my kitchen to whip something up… A few days in the hospital can really dry out your skin.


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