How do I get in touch with you?

Email me! Lesli@AvitalsApiaries.com Whether you want to tell me how much you love the things I make, or you want to complain, or you want to suggest something new, I’m all ears.

What does “Avital’s Apiaries” mean, anyway? 

An “apiary” is where you keep bees, from the Latin “apis.” It’s a fancy word for beeyard, which is what I usually say.

Avital is my daughter, and occasional helper in the beeyard. “Avital” is a Hebrew name that means “father of dew.” We didn’t know that when my husband first chose the name. He just liked the way it sounded.

How do you pronounce it?

Ah-vee-TAHL. Ideally, with the accent on the last syllable, but if you say AH-vee-tahl, I won’t object.

Are your bees raised humanely?

Yes. I love them, and do my best to treat them and the products they make with respect. Unlike domesticated animals, honey bees are essentially wild. They can leave the home I provide for them at any time, if they don’t like the accommodations.

Do you use palm oil in your soaps?

Yes, though not in all. Malka and other salt soaps do not contain palm, nor do any of my balms. When I use palm, it is certified by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

I love your whipped Body Butter! But sometimes, the tin is full to the brim, and sometimes,  it isn’t. Other times, the top isn’t smooth–did someone stick their finger in it at the store?

I’m thrilled at how many people love that Body Butter! Here’s the thing, though. It’s whipped–like whipped cream. Sometimes, the volume is such that I need to fill that tin to the tippy-top to get 2.5 ounces in there. Other times, the volume is a bit less, or it may settle after I’ve filled the tin, and deflated a bit. Whatever the reason, I promise that each and every tin contains 2.5 ounces (or a bit more). Also, the top isn’t always smooth because  I fill each one by hand. There’s a lot of scrape and plop involved! As I grow, perhaps I’ll buy a filling machine that can make the tops lovely, but for now…

More to come… Or leave your question in the comments section. I love hearing from my fans!