Follow Me!

New year, new projects. I’ve been updating my social media, including new “buyable Pins” through Pinterest. Head on over now with an iOS device, and tell me how it looks! This is very new, for me and for Pinterest, so I’m assuming there will be a tweak or two down the road.

I’ve been on Instagram for months. If you are, too, follow me and I promise I’ll follow you back. I love hearing from fans and customers, and these social media outlets are a great way for all of us to stay in touch.

Finally, Facebook! I also have a “shop” tab on Facebook, so you can check out my creations, bee facts, recipes, contests, and more, and buy your favorite Avital’s products right there.

All roads  (or links and buyable pins…) lead back to If you’re local to the Ithaca area, my online store has an option for free local pick up. That’s right! If you don’t get downtown very often to one of the many stores where my products are sold, then you can order them online, and we’ll arrange local pickup somewhere in the Ithaca area.

For those of you working at Cornell and Ithaca College, suggest to your bookstores that they carry my products. We all love local stuff, and then it will be a hop-skip-and-a-jump away, an easy lunchtime purchase of a small luxury for yourself, or a fun, appreciated gift for someone else.

So follow me into 2016!

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