Gratitude for The Season

Knitting, Etc. in the Triphammer Marketplace in Ithaca was the first retail store to carry my balms. It was amazing to have my things in an actual store where people bought them, and liked them, and came back for more (that coming back for more part was really key…). People even sought out Hickory Lee’s shop just for my lotion bars! How awesome is it to have people seek out the things I make?

Pretty awesome. Then and now.  Every time I receive a restock order from a store, I’m grateful to all the people who enjoy the things I make.

So let’s talk about being thankful.

Let's be grateful
Let’s be grateful

I’m thankful for my family, for 6-year-old Avital, who inspired this business, and who loves my bees and loves to help her mama.

And I’m especially grateful to David, my husband, who has supported this business all along. He’s a great sounding board for my ideas, and encourages me every step of the way. And over this last couple of years, when I was unexpectedly dealing with arthritis, constant pain, limited movement, and eventually a hip replacement, I could never have gotten through it without him. He picked up the slack without complaint. (The without complaint part is what really makes him a superstar!)

Generosity starts early.
Generosity starts early.

I am so grateful to my friends, who often inspire the things I made (hello Yael’s Ginger Lemon! Hello Walid’s Peace!). I’m also grateful for the inspiration I get from people I may never meet: Anne-Marie Faiola of Bramble Berry and Soap Queen, Ariane Arsenault of La Fille de la Mer, Holly Port of Lotion Bar Cafe, Susan Barclay-Nichols of Swift Crafty Monkey, and countless others. Thanks to all the forum posters and blogs and Pinterest boards where information and experience is generously shared. Thanks, everyone! It all goes in the hopper!

And, of course, I’m grateful that people buy and enjoy the things I make. You allow me to be creative, to have fun, to meet challenges, and you’re supporting a small business that is (I hope!) doing things right.

I’m probably one of the luckiest people on Earth. Seriously.

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