Happy Chanukah! Happy Solstice! Happy Kwanzaa! Merry Christmas! And Thanks for A Fabulous Year!

ChanukahOur family finished celebrating Chanukah, eight days to contemplate the end of winter darkness and the triumph of the little guy over the mega-corporation… I mean empire. Although the holiday tradition talks about the miracle of a day’s oil lasting eight days, giving time to rededicate the Temple, the first miracle, I think, is that the rag-tag army of farmers took on the Seleucid Empire, and won. They weren’t going to knuckle under to anyone’s idea of how they should live, and it was important enough for them to fight and die for two decades. The word “chanukah” means dedication, in this instance, re-dedicating the Temple to the Jewish god after it had been defiled. But the Maccabees were pretty dedicated, too.

Chanukah is also a cautionary tale, alas. After the Maccabees won their fight, they established the Hasmonean Dynasty, which was, in its turn, oppressive. A lesson for all of us, right? Remember your values. No matter how big you get.

For those of you who celebrate Solstice, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or… what have I forgotten? Any of the many of holidays at this time of year, when we’re all pretty sick of short days and long nights, I hope you get some time with family and friends, that there isn’t too much emphasis on stuff, and that you can have a few days of rest.

As we end of the gifting season, I also want to give a heartfelt thanks to all of the stores and all of the customers who have been so great this year. I’m lucky to have such close relationships with so many people who believe in supporting small business.

Thanks, everyone! Have a great holiday!

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