Honey Bee Values: Hard Work!

Every once in a while, I think about why I fell in love with honey bees.

They’re bugs!

Who make honey.

And have good values.

What? Bugs have values?

Well, kinda. And that’s when I realized that I wanted to write about honey bees and their values for you. Because values matter, especially when a culture is in flux, as ours is. We should be really clear with ourselves what’s important to us.

Honey bees have been admired for centuries for their industriousness. There’s a reason why people use the phrase “busy as a bee.” On a warm summer day, the entrance of a hive is bustling with energy as worker bees come and go, bringing their loads of pollen and nectar to the hive.

Inside the hive, the youngest bees are cleaning cells, others are feeding offspring, building and repairing comb, packing pollen into cells, dehydrating nectar into honey, and carrying debris out of the hive. Other bees stand guard, and protect their honey bee family and the fruits of their label from marauding wasps and other potential thieves.

Honey bees, as it turns out, actually do sleep. We weren’t sure for a long time whether they did. Sometimes, they even fall asleep inside a flower! But busy as they are, hardworking as they are, I’m sure they deserve the rest.

In the winter, worker bees heat the hive by shivering their flight muscles. The core temperature can reach 92F! So much for time off!

Oh, and did I mention that all the workers are female?


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