HSCG Conference, Ithaca Festival, Father’s Day…

The rest of the HSCG Conference in Tucson was a blast… an exhausting blast! The classes were great, the food was great, and the scenery was fabulous.

I learned about an alternative way of making liquid soap, why I should trademark my business name, how to use social media (that’s the fun part!), labeling, manufacturing, colorants… it was a busy few days.

And when I got home, there was no time to waste and barely time to breathe, because I was only a few days away from the Ithaca Festival. I worked the festival with Shelley Stuart of Mead Magic. We shared a booth (and we share a love of honey bees). I sold soaps and balms, and had the opportunity to meet fans and customers. That is always gratifying!

Now I’m reorganizing my workshop, restocking my stores, and looking forward to working my bees… when this rain stops. Soon, I hope! In the meantime, stop by GreenStar or Sunny Days in Ithaca for a Father’s Day gift.

I put together a special ensemble for those men who would like to start “wet shaving,” as it’s called. After months of experiments and reading shaving forums (yes, they exist!), I’ve learned a lot about what makes a good shave. The Traditional Shaving Soap I formulated has a low, creamy lather that is both very stable and very slippery. Which means it stays on your face for the whole shave, and lets the blade glide along.

Whipping up that lather requires a good brush, so I chose a quality, Italian-made brush from Omega, famous for their high end brushes. And to make sure the whole experience was esthetically pleasing, I included a mug from Tom Roach of Front Porch Pottery, made just for this ensemble.

Of course, Shaving Soap refills are also available at GreenStar!

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