Introducing Cole, Avital’s First Employee!

Even though we haven’t been working together long, I can say that Cole is a great employee, and I’m lucky to have him. He’s a natural with bees and a quick learner in the workshop. I’m so glad he wrote to me!

Now,  from Cole himself:

Cole Tucker, Beekeeper, SoapmakerHowdy!

Cole checking out a frame.
You can tell he’s a natural with bees!

I’m Cole; Ithaca native, outdoor enthusiast, video game nerd, and lover of all things bees. When I graduated from high school in 2009 I fled the nest to take a whack at city life (Syracuse and NYC), and without too much delay, am an Ithaca resident again. I’ve spent the last 7 years studying engineering and working in the energy/sustainability industry. I found my professional life in NYC was filled with too much computer time, too much subway time and not enough quiet and nature. Although I went into NYC knowing quiet and nature weren’t abundant resources, I had no idea how much they grounded me and filled me with peace and joy. I quit everything and moved back to the area, and upon moving back discovered my passion for honey bees.

I reached out to Avital’s Apiaries in hopes of getting a summer job surrounding beekeeping, and what I got was that and then some! Shortly into the process I started getting trained in compounding (super fancy, shmancy name for soap making) and have been fortunate enough to gain the skills in making these wonderful products. Working with Lesli, I have been able to mentor with a skilled beekeeper and learn to make everything from lip balm to Chaya’s Hope, and all the products in between that I am absolutely in love with. I look forward to crafting more of the products that you love too


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