Italian Sunshine Hand & Body Lotion Now at GreenStar!

The title says it all! GreenStar on Buffalo has carried our much-loved mango butter & aloe lotion in Unscented and Dark Lavender for quite a while, but as of today, they are adding Italian Sunshine! That fresh, citrusy Bergamot scent is a favorite.

Stop down today! And while you’re there, get a bar of Italian Sunshine Soap to go with it…or Italian Sunshine Body Butter. Or a Scrub Bee. Or Italian Sunshine Fizzies! Heck, you can’t have too much of that fresh goodness, especially in this crazy heat.

Not local to Ithaca? Go to and we’ll mail it right to your door.


  1. Hickory Lee says

    This is my favorite lotion, ever! I love the texture and the scent.

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