Just in time for Mother’s Day… or Any Day!

mdayt_fizzI generally don’t make holiday-themed items. They aren’t my style–no Santa soaps, or leprechauns or red heart soaps or whatever. But I’m going to make an exception (sort of) this year. I’m making these great bath bombs, fit for a queen (or king). Check it out.

Gorgeous, no? I take my beautiful fizzies scented with bright bergamot and sensuous rosewood, and I splash them with silver and rose gold mineral micas that shine and glisten.

They look extra cool in action. Look at that fizz! Look at that shimmering gold!

Now of course these make a great Mother’s Day gift. What mom out there wouldn’t love this fizzing, shimmery goodness? But I think they’re for everyone, whenever anyone wants to feel like royalty in the bath. That would be all of us, right? So if there’s enough love, I’ll keep making them.

Available soon on ShopAvitals.com, or locally (to Ithaca) at Sunny Days of Ithaca on May 1. Show some love!

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