Knitting, Etc. Has Closed

Knitting, Etc. in the Triphammer Marketplace closed this month. This is a loss for me personally, but also for Ithaca. Hickory Lee’s store was the place to go if you wanted to learn to knit, or needed expertise to get you through a project. Hickory carried the nicest yarns–gorgeous wools, hand dyed, unique and lovely.

Hat and sweater
Yes, I knit the hat and swather. I used Burly Spun, because big, chunky yarn and big needles means a fast project! #TooImpatientToKnit

After Avital was born, I stopped working as a system administrator, and starting feeling around for something to do, besides motherhood. I took a few knitting classes, and made a few projects. Knitting (and sewing) aren’t my thing–though I wish they were! And I really admire the hand knitting community. Thanks to Hickory’s store and my attempt at knitting, I met some really lovely people! And isn’t that the best sort of business, one which also creates community?

Hickory’s store was also the first to carry my products, back when all I made was lotion bars. She recognized that knitters, who need soft hands, would love them. And she was right. My lotion bars and balms sold at a brisk pace, right up to the end.

More than that, though, Hickory was an example to me: we didn’t need an MBA to run a business, and the issues around accounting and taxes and employees and inventory and all the rest are not a barrier. Unless we let them be barriers. If we want it, we can do it. And if we find that our family is revolving too much around business, and we want to enjoy our kids while they’re little, well. We can do that, too.


  1. Its always sad to see great stores close for whatever reason. I find this true for great independent fabric stores.

  2. We also have a local knitting store that sounds just like this one that closed. How sad. I hope another will reopen soon. I find knitting to be very soothing, and almost meditative.

  3. I haven’t knitted for awhile; I loved doing it when my children were little. But I still ooh and aahh when I go into a knitting store and love touching the yarn. But it is always sad when a store of any kind closes. Best of luck to your community.

  4. I can sew, but I can’t knit or crochet – so I do admire the handiwork of people who can. It’s always sad to see a local business go – hopefully they are moving on to better things, you never know!

    • Lesli says

      She’s a neighbor, so I’ll see her frequently (and she has a son Avital’s age). I know she’ll enjoy the extra family time–the kids are only little once!

  5. Penny says

    I’m so sorry to hear of their closing as I love the sense of community amongst fiber artsy people. Sounds like she was a personal inspiration as well! I’m sure that will continue even after the store closes.

    • Lesli says

      Hickory really is an inspiration to me. She’s marvelously creative, and ran a wonderful business that many will miss.

  6. Sorry to hear that this store closed, but I’m glad they didn’t d it until they had set a good example for you to follow. How wonderful that you got to learn to knit from people who also allowed you to see a glimpse of their success. Anything is possible. Wishing Hickory continued success doing other things 🙂 Pass it on …

    • Lesli says

      Hickory is a fabulous example. I’m really lucky to have her in my life! And I’m selfishly glad that we now have time to go for coffee (or tea) together.

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