Letchworth Farm B&B

Long before the gig economy, the B&B was a thing. And Letchworth Farm Guest House is one of the most beautiful. The house is part of an equestrian estate owned by Richard and Daisy Trayford, who breed, sell, and train horses, and compete in evening in the UK, Europe, and the US. If you need your horse trained, or you need a new mount, these are definitely the people to see.

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They are also the people to see for a beautiful peaceful B&B experience, whether you’re a horsy person or not.  Located near the village of Nunda, New York, their guest house is on the edge of Letchworth Park. They have 4 beautifully appointed en suite rooms, a library, dining room, and sitting room. The house exudes the charm of the Trayfords’ native England. You can enjoy a full English breakfast before you head to the barn for a ride, out to the trails for a day of hiking, or to the private lake for a quiet day.

Why am I writing about them? Because they chose Avital’s skincare for their guests’ comfort and enjoyment. Every room gets amenity sized bars of our soap, a Bee Fresh Shampoo and Conditioner, a Bath Fizzy, and a Body Butter. And the Trayford’s guests have been so pleased! Who wouldn’t love a soak in a lavender-scented tub after a hard day of horseback riding?

B&B owners of all sizes put so much effort into making their guest homes welcoming, personal, warm places. It seems only right that the amenities they offer should be just as thoughtful: handmade with the best ingredients, a way to let your guests know that you’ve thought abut every detail.

We think your guests would enjoy these beautifully presented items handmade in the Finger Lakes.

Drop me a line to learn about pricing and lines.

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