Let’s Talk about Bar Soap

Recently, I interviewed many of my customers to get a feel for what they like about my products. One thing became clear quickly: a lot of people prefer liquid soap to bar soap.

By The Sea
By The Sea: So pretty! Put it in a soap net and get lathery!

This was surprising to me, because I sell a lot of bar soap! I do make and sell liquid soap: GreenStar carries gallon jugs in their bulk section, where you can “fill your own” container with Unscented or Rosemary Mint. It turns out that not many people knew about it–so I’m letting you know now!

What I heard, though, was also some conflict. Everyone wants to be more eco-friendly in their choices. And we all know that although plastic bottles can be recycled, and are the best choice for some products (like those we use in the shower), well, it’s still not ideal for the environment.

Liquid soap also requires more water than bar soap, and is heavier to transport.

The greener alternative is old-fashioned bar soap. Not only does it use a lot less water to make, but the packaging uses no plastic, is totally recyclable or compostable, can be taken on airplanes, and it comes in a variety of colors with all sorts of yummy additives, like Dead Sea Salt, Calendula, and shea butter!

Simply Body Soap Net
Just pop a bar in, and you’re set!

Sounds like a win-win, right?

Sort of. A lot of people still prefer liquid soap for convenience, and because a bar of soap left in a puddle melts away, wasting soap and leaving a mess. (Of course, you shouldn’t leave it in a puddle, but let’s face it…)

At the risk of going Ron Popeil on you, I have a solution. Or rather, the nice people at Simply Body Soap Net have a solution: Made in the USA by a family owned company, these soap nets hold a 5 oz bar of soap (that’s a big bar–mine run about 4.7 ounces). You pop the bar in and use it in place of a wash cloth.

Then rinse it off and hang it up, where your soap dries quickly–no mess, no slime, no scraping out a soap dish. When the soap is down to a sliver, add a new bar, and use the whole thing up! You can even have a net for every member of the family: if one person’s skin needs more exfoliation and another needs a gentle soap, well, no problem!

Did I mention soap nets make a great gift, along with a bar of handmade soap? They last about a year, and are themselves totally recyclable.

Win-win-win-win… So many wins!

I really want you to try one of these. Head over to ShopAvitals.com and put a bar of soap or two or six in your cart, along with a soap net. When you’re checking out, enter the code FREENET and yes! I’ll give the first 25 people one totally free Soap Net until November 4. See how serious I am about this? Shipping is a flat $5 for orders up to $40, and free after that. So start your holiday shopping early, get a gift for yourself, and be a little kinder to Mother Earth..

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