Local to Ithaca, NY?

Several stores around the Ithaca, NY and Upstate area carry Avital’s products. But sometimes, you want to shop from the comfort of home. In your jammies. But it seems silly to pay shipping to your Ithaca or near-Ithaca address when Avital’s is sold only a few miles away.

Sunny Days
Sunny Days! 123 S. Cayuga St., Ithaca,a NY

Answer! Free local pickup from ShopAvitals.com! Now you can shop at my web site, choose all the marvelous goodies you want, and then select “Local pickup @ Sunny Days.” Sunny Days is located at 123 S. Cayuga–the heart of downtown, just across from the Tompkins County Public Library. I’ll contact you to let you know when your order will be there–normally within a day or two. And then you can pick it up at your convenience by showing your receipt. That’s it! Sunny Days is open until 8 every day, so you can stop in after work or dinner. Cool, eh?



  1. Christine says

    Hi there- I am a fan of your awesome products :)) & have been searching for a organic shampoo & conditioner that’s safe for color treated & dry hair. I wondered if you had any suggestions?
    Thank you :))

    • Lesli says

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you love the things I make. As to shampoo and conditioner, I’ve made conditioner for my curly-haired daughter, but nothing for sale. In part that’s because I don’t have a shampoo. Hair is so different from skin. Hair really needs a neutral to acidic pH, while (within reason) skin doesn’t care–skin replenishes its acid mantle in a few minutes. Hair can’t. So that means real soap, which tends to be on the basic side, doesn’t work well for most people as shampoo. You need a mild surfactant that is kind to your hair while getting your scalp clean. It’s a balancing act! I may well work on it at some point, especially as my daughter gets older and needs something for those cute ringlets.

      Having said all that, I do believe that the local salon “Fresh” in Trumansburg has their own line of organic shampoos and conditioners. Give them a call and see if they can help!

      • Christine says

        Thank you for your time & knowledge! So very appreciated! Yes hair does seem tricky & I didn’t realize about the importance of Ph levels. I will reach out to Fresh! If you ever venture into hair care I would be excited to try your creations!
        Thanks a million! :)) Christine

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