Lotion Bar Or Body Butter?

Recently, a customer came into Sunny Days. She was a regular user of my Lotion Bar, but wondered if she should try the Ithaca Body Butter instead. Deirdre at Sunny Days did what any good store owner would do: she called me!

The main difference between the two products is the amount of beeswax: in the Lotion Bar, it’s fully a third of the ingredients. This means that when it goes on, it creates a fairly heavy coating on your skin. If you’re using it on skin that is super rough, chapped, or cracked, this is a good thing. The beeswax and cocoa butter seal out the cold, harsh winter air, and seal in moisture. And because it seals in moisture, the best time to use it is after a bath or shower, or after washing your hands, when your skin is already hydrated, and needs something to help seal in that moisture.

The Ithaca Body Butter is a whipped butter, which creates a light barrier with some cocoa butter and a titch of beeswax. But the stars of the formula are the shea butter (which softens) and the Evening Primrose Extract, which is great for chapped or wind-burned skin. Because it's lighter, you can use it during the day on hands and body, or slather it on your hands and feet before bed and then cover them with cotton socks.

Both are best sellers, but the Ithaca Body Butter comes in three great scents: Vashti (a spicy floral), Italian Sunshine (bright, citrusy, with an herbal finish), and Lavender--along with Unscented. Lotion Bars come unscented only.

Try them both!


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