More Soap, Pumpkin Fest, Twitter, & Pinterest

I’m still working on Fall and holiday soaps and balms. Here’s a lovely lavender, made with a split vertical mold. The green side was colored with alkanet root:

I really like that swirl!

I’m also making Fiddler’s Sticks–lotion bars in a 1 oz eco tube. Eco Tubes are great: they’re made entirely of paper board, so when the lotion is gone, you can compost the tube, recycle it with paper, or use it to light your smoker! It’s just paper!

Of course, I’ll also have traditional lotion bars, All-Purpose Balm (a nice mix of shea, beeswax, and grapeseed oil), Ithaca Winter balm (shea, cocoa butter, avocado oil), and luscious lip balm with cocoa butter and shea.

The Great Pumpkin Fest of Cortland, New York is coming up October 6-7. I’ll be there with the People’s Market of Lansing. I hope you’ll be there, too, picking up some early holiday gifts. I’ll be bringing plenty of pumpkin soap! (Yes, pumpkin–it’s made with pumpkin, and smells marvelous.)

A lot of pictures are going up on Pinterest, so if you aren’t following me on Pinterest yet, please do! And don’t forget that Avital’s is on Facebook and Twitter too!

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