New Year, New Soap Molds

I’ve mentioned a few times how grateful I am to my customers and the stores they frequent. Because of you, my business is growing. And that means production needs to increase. There was a time when I used a 2 lb mold to make soap, and poured 5 lotion bars at a time. I used a 4 1/2 quart mixer to mix up Winter Balm (now renamed Ithaca Body Butter), and thought that doing 8 or 10 jars at a time was a lot.

Whipping up a hundred or so tins of Ithaca Body Butter

Not anymore. I just made almost 100 lbs of soap, and need to make a few hundred tins of Body Butter. I poured 300 or so tubes of lip balm, and need to do at least that much more. Lotion bars are poured 40 at a time… and I really need more molds for those, to do more like 100 at a time.

Molds and cutter
25 lb Block Molds and cutter from

The increased soap production is possible because of my new soap molds. Yippee! These big block molds from For Crafts Sake each hold over 25 lbs of soap, and make 8 loaves of soap each. That means 16 loaves of soap from one pour! Pretty exciting! (At least for me…) In fact, I like them so much that I’m considering getting two more. That would let me make 100 pounds (or a bit more) in a day with these molds, along with another 50 pounds in my slab molds.

One loaf cut from a 25 lb block. Pretty swirls!

I’ve used them already for several batches. They’re very well made and sturdy. If you’re a large batch soap maker, I can recommend them. And while you can’t do everything in a block mold that you can in a loaf mold or a slab mold, you can make some very pretty swirls.

Of course, if you’re making a lot of soap, you also need a big vat and a way to mix the ingredients. That 8 inch stick blender I had been user no longer cuts it. This is a Waring Big Stik, in the 12-inch version. The shaft is removable, and can be replaced with a 14-20 inch stick, or dual whisks.

Waring “Big Stik” 12 inch immersiion blender

I am a lover of gadgets, I have to admit. It’s one of the reasons I got into system administration many years ago (I had a long and mostly happy career as a sysadmin, running UNIX systems for a library system and a college). When I lived out in the country, I loved having a huge lawn mower, a chainsaw, a scooter, all my beekeeping stuff… And now I have my soapy-balmy workshop, a real little factory where I make practical, beautiful things.

Time to hit the shop!


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