Olive Oil & Dead Sea Salt Scrub

I can hear that Vespa zooming up behind me...
I can hear that Vespa zooming up behind me…

This is like a trip to the Med–olive oil, crushed olive leaves, sea salt, and a dry citrus and rosemary fragrance.

But in your shower. And without the great espresso, pasta, and a guy named Giorgio yelling “Ciao bella!” at you from his scooter. Oh well. Maybe it’s only a little bit like a Mediterranean vacation. Still! A little is better than nothing.

Olive oil can be a bit heavy for the face, but perfect for feet and legs. Dead Sea Salt is all scrubby, and full of minerals. Ground olive leaves add a bit of astringency. As a trio, they exfoliate all that nasty dry skin, and then coat with a fragrant layer of humectant goodness, to keep you soft, moisturized, and wafting an intriguing herbaceous scent in your wake…

Common sense: The tub or shower gets slippery when you use this sort of oily thing. Be careful! Don’t fall!

Available right now at ShopAvitals.com & at GreenStar Coop on Buffalo in Ithaca.

Made in Ithaca, NY from Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Fragrance (from essential oils, of course!), and Olive Leaf Powder.

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