Our Conditioner Bar

Once Kathi and I decided to make a shampoo bar, conditioner was the obvious next step. I had been casually making a conditioning masque for my family for over a year, so making a traditional conditioner in a bottle would have been a snap. (Conditioner is essentially lotion with a few extra ingredients good for hair.)

But we’re trying to go low plastic here, right? So how about a conditioner bar.

Like the shampoo bar, it’s 2 ounces of extremely concentrated goodness. They last for 40+ uses, even with long or thick hair. We chose the ingredients to be conditioning for hair, and to also be kind to your scalp. And we didn’t skimp on those ingredients: oat protein, a conditioning honey derivative, pro-vitamin B5, organic butters, botanical extracts–we put in everything we love for our hair and scalp into this.

And like the shampoo, we seal it up in compostable cellophane and a paper wrapper.



  1. Athena Blitz says

    Everyone I gift an item from Avital’s Apiaries’s just adores it! The quality of the products and the delicious scents are nothing short of fabulous. Thank you for the dedication to your craft. I didn’t know where to post this accolade so please post it where it can be read by those shopping your site. Thank you!

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