Our Conditioner Bar

Once Kathi and I decided to make a shampoo bar, conditioner was the obvious next step. I had been casually making a conditioning masque for my family for over a year, so making a traditional conditioner in a bottle would have been a snap. (Conditioner is essentially lotion with a few extra ingredients good for hair.)

But we’re trying to go low plastic here, right? So how about a conditioner bar.

Like the shampoo bar, it’s 2 ounces of extremely concentrated goodness. They last for 40+ uses, even with long or thick hair. We chose the ingredients to be conditioning for hair, and to also be kind to your scalp. And we didn’t skimp on those ingredients: oat protein, a conditioning honey derivative, pro-vitamin B5, organic butters, botanical extracts–we put in everything we love for our hair and scalp into this.

And like the shampoo, we seal it up in compostable cellophane and a paper wrapper.


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