Hexagonal, light beige bar with honeycomb pattern and bee

Our Conditioner Bar

Once Kathi and I decided to make a shampoo bar, conditioner was the obvious next step. I had been casually making a conditioning masque for my family for over a year, so making a traditional conditioner in a bottle would have been a snap. (Conditioner is essentially lotion with a…


Shampoo & Conditioner

You’ve been washing with my soap since 2010. It’s time for some haircare! As of today, Avital’s Bee Fresh Shampoo and Conditioner Bars are available at GreenStar on Buffalo. More locations coming soon! I hesitated to step into the shampoo arena for a long time, because it is a very…


How Our Scrub Bee Is Made

I’ll bet you wondered! Scrub Bees aren’t soap–they’re a solid sugar scrub you use in the shower, after you wash. Rub the bar on any bits that need exfoliating–knees, elbows, that spot on the back of your arm that’s always dry… Then give it a quick rinse. The plant-based emulsifier…


Italian Sunshine Hand & Body Lotion Now at GreenStar!

The title says it all! GreenStar on Buffalo has carried our much-loved mango butter & aloe lotion in Unscented and Dark Lavender for quite a while, but as of today, they are adding Italian Sunshine! That fresh, citrusy Bergamot scent is a favorite. Stop down today! And while you’re there,…


Customize Those Gifts!

We love our little logo bee, so we stamp her on our soaps and fizzies. By hand. When you’re giving gifts to your donors, clients, or employees, personalize it the same way. Handmade says that you care, that you’re going the extra mile for the people who make your work…


Fall Is Coming, I Promise!

Crazy hot weather, no? But fall will come, leaves will turn colors here in the Finger Lakes, we will pick apples and rake leaves and put on sweaters.  When we do, this soap will be your friend in the shower: the colors are warm, like autumn leaves, and the scent…


Melt Alert!

The Ithaca weather lately has alternated between blazing hot and rainy drab. Today is blazing hot! Our balms and butters do not love this heat; they are designed to melt at skin temperature–around 90℉ or so. And if that’s the temp of your house today, well… If possible, keep your…

Lesli among her beehives

The Occasional Newsletter

Kathi and I change things up occasionally. Spring scent, fall scent, some new products here and there. The people on the list get all the news first, along with a few discount codes and a recipe or two. Sign up! I never abuse the privilege of communicating with you, I…


Working The Bees

Last winter was awful. It went on forever, and temperatures fluctuated from unseasonable highs to ferocious lows. And it killed all 6 of my colonies. Ugh. Fifty percent mortality is not unheard of, but all 6? Even though I prepped them for winter, fed them, treated for mites, provided ventilation….


Who Doesn’t Love A Good Bath Fizzy?

Baths are not for getting clean. A tub full of warm (or hot!) water with fabulous additives relaxes your muscles, opens your pores, softens your skin, and lightly moisturizes and fragrances your whole body. On a summer day like today, when it’s almost 100F outside, make that a cool bath…

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