New for Spring! Ginger & Frankincense

Spring is my favorite season. It’s exuberant and life-affirming. I love the violets at the edge of the woods, the frogs peeping from the pond, and, of course, the bees flying to forage for willow and maple pollen and nectar. Those first warm days, when snow is melting and the…


Scrub Bee!

Scrub Bees have really taken off! After a few demos and some explanation, people who try them love them. And keep coming back for more! The hard part is explaining what it is. So here’s the long form that doesn’t fit on the label: Your winter skin needs exfoliating, hydrating,…

Lesli among her beehives

Avital’s in the GreenStar News!

The December Green Leaf GreenStar did a feature on Avital’s in their Green Leaf monthly! They took some beautiful pictures of my bees (and a great one of me!). Read all about it!


So Much Planning…

Back when I was a system administrator, work was simpler. There were the immediate response things, like a flood of spam or a server that needed repair. And there were the projects, which involved new software, or upgrades. The projects were mostly easy to break down into checklists that could…


New for Winter

We had a list of projects this summer, and we accomplished most of them! You benefit. One of our favorites is the new Scrub Bee Bar. The only problem with it is that people think it’s soap, when in fact, it’s a moisturizing body scrub. In a bar. Confusing? I…


Happy Chanukkah!

This year, I actually attempted sufganiyot, the deep fried jelly donuts many make for this holiday. They turned out pretty well! Filling them turned out to be messy, as you can see in the photo below. I can tell they turned out well, because although I made a couple dozen,…


Disappearing Posts

I upgraded WordPress a couple of weeks ago, and all my summer posts disappeared. Really? I could go back and restore them, but I think I’ll let them float away on the ether. The most important thing was saying hi to Kathi, who is no longer a new employee–she’s gained…


It’s Spring! Go Make Some Lip Balm

Yeah, spring! Here’s your beekeeper PSA: don’t get rid of your dandelions! Absolutely do not spray them with poison, and don’t even mow them until they go to seed. They are an important food source for honey bees at this time of year. So be lazy and let your lawn…


Something New Coming Up!

After the holiday rush, there’s a lull for businesses like mine. It’s a great time to take a deep breath and get creative!┬áSo that’s what we’ve been doing. Cole and I are working on some new lines to keep our fans happy. And we’re planning the spring bee yard maintenance….

Passion Planner

Resolute Resolutions

On Facebook the other day, someone posted a meme: “I should open a gym called Resolutions. It will have exercise equipment for two weeks, and then turn into a bar for the rest of the year.” I normally avoid this problem by not making resolutions. But this year is different….

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