Que Bella!

Honey bees collect resins from plants, add their own enzymes, and use the result–called propolis–as an anti-bacterial caulking in their hives. Propolis is used in salves, tonics, and soaps for this very reason, including Avital’s Liquid Hand & Body soap.

Doesn’t it make sense to use it in a deodorant, too? The anti-microbial properties are a natural for keeping you fresh on those sweltering summer days. So here it is! Bella Stella All Natural Deodorant with Bee Propolis & Essential Oils.

Anti-microbial propolis–collected from hives in the Ithaca area–is combined with a custom blend of spicy geranium, vibrant citrus, and mellow frankincense essential oils to start your day off with an uplifting spritz.

Now available at People’s Market of Lansing and GreenStar Natural Food Market.

Bella Stella Natural Deodorant
Bella Stella Natural Deodorant
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