About Avital’s


This picture dates to my first year with bees, a decade and a half ago, now. I haven’t used a frame grip since.

Avital’s Apiaries started out as a hobby business in the traditional mold of beekeepers everywhere: raise the bees, spin out some honey and bottle it, clean up some wax and dip candles, and make lip balm.

That was back in 2010. It wasn’t long before it all changed: once I realized how much more fun and creative it was to use the wonderful things my bees make in skincare, there was no turning back.

Today, we still use our Ithaca bees’ honey in our soaps and more, but a lot has changed! We have whole line of soaps, balms, fizzles, lotions, scrubs, and even haircare, all supercharged with honey bee products and inspiration.



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These days, I’m no longer alone in the workshop. Kathi Menner joined me in 2017. With her background in graphic design and her love of all things crafty, she was a perfect fit. She cleans up the label designs, perfects the color choices for new soaps, and whacks out a few hundred bath fizzles like nobody’s business. She’s the heart and soul of production, and fits more into a day than most of us do into a week. From the first idea to the final wrapped package, she’s in the thick of it.

Kathi and Ronja

When she’s not in the workshop, she might be running trails, doing chores at the farm, making a fabulous dinner for her family, or riding her mare, Ronja.