Scrub Bee!

Scrub Bees have really taken off! After a few demos and some explanation, people who try them love them. And keep coming back for more!

The hard part is explaining what it is. So here’s the long form that doesn’t fit on the label:

Your winter skin needs exfoliating, hydrating, and moisturizing. When you shower, you normally exfoliate (at least a little), but the hot water also washes away most of the oil from your skin. And aren’t we all tempted to stay in the hot shower just a little longer on those frigid mornings?

So most mornings, you get out of the shower and your skin feels dry and itchy. So you slather on some lotion or body butter. And that’s a good thing!

But also a little cold, messy, and makes getting your clothes on sort of … sticky. Why, I have long wondered, does oil make clothes stick instead of glide on? Dunno. I’ll ask a physicist.

Anyway, the Scrub Bee is the alternative to that. After you finish washing, take this cute round bar packed full of organic butters, oils, raw honey, beeswax, and a plant-based emulsifier, and run it over any parts that need exfoliating and/or lotioning up. Sugar and cranberry seeds will gently scrub away dry skin while all the buttery goodness mixes with the water on your skin. The emulsifier gets to work, and mixes the oils and water so that, voila! You lotion up at the same time.  A quick rinse removes excess sugar and cranberry seeds, and you step out of the shower, pat dry, and you’re ready for your day.


Have you tried a Scrub Bee? Let me know what you think.

Check out what the reviewers have to say:

Scrub Bee Italian Sunshine


  1. SUSAN says

    I love them and I got my mom hooked! I actually asked for (and got) a few of these bars for my birthday! I always hated putting lotion on after getting out of the shower. Now I just use the Scrub Bee before I get out and my skin hasn’t been dry at all

  2. Joanie Mackowski says

    Okay, so I’m spreading out my wings while turning around, slowly. Buzz buzz. Let me into your hive (i.e. into your cognitive processes)– see, I am trying to communicate with you, following your directions. Is it working?

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