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Avital’s is based in Ithaca, NY, and our business has expanded to include stores not only in Ithaca, but also CorninSoap arrayg, Interlaken, and Ellicottville, NY, near Buffalo. Hurrah!

As more and more of you share Avital’s artisan soaps and skin care with friends and relatives across the county (thank you very much!), I’ve started to receive regular emails asking how people can buy online. I’ve been mailing things around the country as the requests come in, but with no formal online store, policies, shipping, and all the rest.

Today that changes. The store is online, it takes credit cards (via PayPal), and shipping is $5 or less USPS Priority mail. I’m keeping it simple to start with, and we’ll see how it goes.

Fizzy Spheres of Goodness
Fizzy Spheres of Goodness

Oh, and for you blog fans? How about 15% off now through December 1, 2014. Here’s what you do:

Go to and fill up your shopping cart with soapy balmy goodness. Then when you checkout, enter EARLYBEEBLOG for your discount. Nice, huh? Rinse, lather, repeat for your whole gift list. Get your holiday shopping done, support small business, get a discount, stay moisturized… There is no downside.

I’d love to hear how your shopping experience goes. Nothing is fixed in stone. The store will evolve, with your comments and requests leading the way.



  1. Anne-Marie says

    Congrats on expanding. How exciting. Your soaps are so gorgeous =)

    • Lesli says

      That’s so sweet! Thanks! Watch out for blog posts on my new molds to do even larger batches. I need to keep up with demand!

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